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Why Choose Electromatica for Product Management?

Product Management Software provides business with full suite of Product Management functions, the interactions, timelines with the manufacturer for all new Sample and Manufacturing projects undertaken by the business.

  • Powerful Project Tracking to Approval
  • Product Approval Sheet and Confirmation
  • RMA Tracking and Closure

Hardware, Firmware, Features and Quality of the product with the datasheet designs are maintained in the repository and the users can ensure product meets the specifications. In addition, it manages RMA Cases and traces the costs associated with the product.

Product Management Applications

Project Management

Helps you manage the Sample and Manufacturing project with all inhouse and manufacturer activities, followups and completion dates.

Sample Projects

Sample Project helps you Create Sample Projects, Activate, Maintain Datasheets, Hardware, Firmware and Feature Specification, Deactivate and Approve

Manufacturing Parts

Manufacturing Parts helps you create separated multiple manufacturing specifications for the same Customer part.

Manufacturing Projects

Manufacturing Project helps you Create Manufacturing Projects, Activate, Deactivate and Approve for Sales.


Helps you manage end customer feedback, support tickets with every manufacturing part

Cost Trace

Cost Trace Helps you maintain costs involved in new product rollout.