Combined Shipments

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Why Choose Electromatica for Logistics?

Logistics provides business in viewing Incoming Purchase Receipts in the next few days and lets users select Purchase Order Lines and generating Purchase Receipts.

  • Incoming Shipments
  • Outgoing Shipments
  • Combined Shipments
  • Shipment Documents and Tracking

The module also aids Business users in in generating Outgoing Shipments on a specific date of shipment. On entering Package Details, the system generates all required Shipping Documents, Tax Invoices to be sent to transporters and the customer. The Logistics Module also enables business users to combine shipments and send a combined Shipment to a separate destination warehouse as communicated by the customer.

Logistics Applications

Incoming Shipments

Incoming Shipments of Logistics helps you in selecting and generating Purchase Receipts automatically from expected shipments.

Outgoing Shipments

Logistics helps in selecting and generating Shipments automatically from shipments due to be delivered to the customer.

Combined Shipments

Logistics helps in merging multiple shipments generated into a combined shipment to be sent to a separate location as required by customer.

Shipment Document Tracking

Logistics helps in generating all Shipment Documents and Invoices required for Carriers and Customers. The Tracking ID is also stored with the Shipping.