Interactive Dashboards

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Why Choose Electromatica for Dashboard?

What’s the first thing you see when you logon to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system? Most likely, a dashboard. And for good reason. Dashboards surface the information that’s most important to you, from among the volumes of data being stored and processed in the ERP system.

  • They are relevant to your role.
  • You can create personalized ones.
  • They are interactive.

Automatically generate charts and tables using real-time data. Resize and reposition them on the screen as you like. No matter which web browser you are logging in from, your personal dashboard stays the same.

Dashboard Applications

Charts (line, column, bar, etc.)

Incoming Shipments of Logistics helps you in selecting and generating Purchase Receipts automatically from expected shipments.

Data tables

Logistics helps in selecting and generating Shipments automatically from shipments due to be delivered to the customer.

Data from external sources

Logistics helps in merging multiple shipments generated into a combined shipment to be sent to a separate location as required by customer.

Power BI tiles

Logistics helps in generating all Shipment Documents and Invoices required for Carriers and Customers. The Tracking ID is also stored with the Shipping.